On Wednesday afternoon Israel carried deadly airstrikes in Gaza with fighter aircrafts and unmanned combat aerial vehicles, called drones. So far the dead Palestinians, mostly civilians, amount to 11 and the injured to 90. The number of deads and injured is increasing as the deadly attacks of Israel against civilians continue. An Israeli air fighter missile blew up the car aboard with the supreme commander of the armed wing of Hamas, the Ezzedin Al-Qassam Brigades, Ahmad Al-Jaabari and his son, killing them instantly. The Israeli army released yesterday a video of the attack in order to exuberate the assassination of the head of the armed forces of Hamas in the Israeli people. According to Israeli sources Ahmad Al-Jaabari was the main person responsible for negotiating the delivery of captured Israeli soldier Shalit, which, as implicitly admit the Israelis, were a major blow to the prestige and power of Israel, having forced the Zionists to release many members and leaders of the resistance in exchange with Shalit. Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu raises again the permanent pretext of the Zionist state that armed resistance organizations pose a serious risk to the safety of Israeli citizens and Israel must strike to vanquish them. He forgets to add that Israel, according to UN resolutions, after the war of '67 is an occupying power throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem and since many years has been besieging by land and by air the Gaza Strip which resists proudly and decisively to the occupying forces. Additionally, Israel incessantly expands the settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, wiping out the Palestinians from their ancestral homes.

The Palestinian Resistance takes off the gloves of provocation. On Wednesday, the resistance rockets hit the city of Beersheba. Israeli media reported that a resistance rocket hit the city's commercial center. On Wednesday dawn, for the first time in the history of resistance, a rocket launched from Gaza hit Tel-Aviv. This morning, according to Israeli media, a resistance rocket hit the southern town of Israel, Kiryat Malachi, which resulted in three Israeli dead. Palestinian sources reported that already in the south of Israel panic prevails with queues formed at railway stations by Israeli citizens who want to leave in haste from the borders of Gaza. Yesterday evening the Al-Qassam Brigades issued the following message: "We are committed to turning the lives of Zionists into hell and making them regret the moment they decided to kill our brave leader, and the days are enough to prove our commitments".

The Solidarity Network to the Palestinian Resistance condemns the attack of the Israeli occupation forces and calls on the Greek people to actually show its solidarity with the Palestinian Resistance, cutting off every political, economic, or cultural cooperation with the Nazi state of Israel.

Victory to the arms of the Palestinian Resistance!

Solidarity network to the Palestinian Resistance

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